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Mobile Car Detailing in Boca Raton

Full-Service Mobile Car Detailing in Boca Raton

Nothing beats driving around in a brand-new car. But driving around in a freshly detailed car without having to take it to the auto shop sure comes close. At The Wash Wagon, we offer superior mobile car detailing services to restore that new car feeling. No more dragging out the cleaning supplies after work. No more waiting in line at the car wash. Save gas and time. Let us bring the clean to you with our flexible, fully mobile detailing services.

Restoring the New Car Feeling

Left unprotected, a car’s exterior and interior surfaces start to fade. The harsh Boca Raton sun damages the luster of the exterior paint. Dust and dirt from the road leaves streaks on the windows. Food and drink spills stain the interior carpets. Together, these damages make your car feel unattractive and uncomfortable.

The Wash Wagon believes in the importance of maintaining the new car feeling even for the oldest cars! Our detailing specialist offer comprehensive detailing services for a clean car and lasting protection.

An Exterior Clean That Will Make the Neighbors Jealous

Is your car so dirty you park it a block away out of shame? Our mobile car detailing services will have your car sparkling in no time. Just tell us where you parked!

A professional cleaning leaves your car spotless without damaging the paint, and that’s what our staff guarantees. We follow a multi-step process using pressure-washing techniques, foam shampoo, and hand-washing. Using compressed air and a microfiber towel, we dry the car to prevent water stains without damaging the paint.

Our detailing services are nothing if not detailed! That’s why our complete exterior cleaning package also includes a deep cleaning of rims and tires, windshields and wipers, doors and handles, and the gas tank compartment.

An Interior Clean That Will Make You Enjoy Your Drive

Our complete interior cleaning package includes a thorough cleaning of the seats, carpet, floor mats, dashboard, doors, windows, trunk, and vents. We use a combination of steam cleaning and shampooing to remove the dust, dirt, and stains from interior surfaces. Our odor neutralizing technologies remove lingering smells once and for all.

Comprehensive Car Detailing and Lasting Protection

Despite our best efforts, cars become damaged while we drive them. That doesn’t mean you can’t restore your car’s beauty and protect against further damage. From removing scratches to paint correction, we’ll give your car a polished shine. Our hand waxing or simonizing services protect your paint colors from fading. We also polish windows and wheels for a full car shine!

Our interior protection includes stain repellents for fabrics and carpets, moisturizers for leathers, and protective coatings for plastic surfaces. Together, these provide barriers against beverage spills other stains.

Don’t Wait!

Since the average resident of Boca Raton spends so much of their week driving, why settle for anything other than a spotless vehicle? Contact The Wash Wagon today to schedule an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you. Your friends and family will think you bought a brand-new car!

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